Stop guessing when it comes
to growing your business.

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Turnkey Automation.
Real Solutions in Real Time.
Meaningful Analytics.

Lead Generation

CrossConnect makes winning easy.
Capture, Track and
Connect with Hot Prospects.

Reputation Control

Stop losing business.
Take back control and leverage
your online presence.

Let CrossConnect Do
All the Work for You!

Stop guessing when it comes
to growing your business.

Our automated system does all the work for you!




Push vs. Pull

the old way vs. the crosSconnect way
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CrossConnect is redefining how consumers source, vet, and ultimately make their FINAL buying decisions.

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Let us capture A BIG SHARE of new movers for you!

Why Connections Matter

Boundless Opportunity

Engage prospects on their timeline in order to maximize growth.

CRV: Customer Referral Value 
Every single customer new, old or future brings a massive opportunity that goes underutilized by MOST businesses. CrossConnect magnetizes your customer base and creates compounding growth month-after-month.

BRV: Business Referral Value 
Your customers provide a direct link to other business owners looking to join forces and maximize marketing and advertising opportunities. A single business is 100X to 1000X more powerful than a single CRV. CrossConnect makes it easy to capitalize on these opportunities.

CLV: Customer Lifetime Value 
The single BIGGEST misconception surrounding the lifetime value of a customer lies not in 'how much they spend' or 'how often' or even over 'what duration of time'. The REAL value is in their ability to attract new customers for you.

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