Since the launch of the internet

do you know what the two biggest lies sold to businesses are?

SEO results

Search is going to return the company who delivers the highest quality service.

nope! Search is going to return whoever spends the most money and games the system to show up on the first page.


75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engines.
reviews on google

Reviews are credible.

No Again! We know that isn’t the case from experience and news reports. Ex-employees, competitors, someone who is hypercritical – All these have a negative impact on social media and your business!

in the media:

Yelp says it shut down 550 user accounts after discovering a fraudulent review ring The Verge

Can you trust online reviews? Here's how to find the fakes NBC News

Hijacked Reviews on Amazon Can Trick Shoppers Consumer Reports

How Much Do You Trust Online Reviews? NY Times

dealing with fake reviews on yelp Modern Post

Facebook employees caught posting glowing Portal reviews on Amazon NY Post

So why do so many people rely on these two sources when making decisions?

Because they were the only options available


fake reviews on yelp fake reviews on google