Harnessing the Power of Trusted Advocacy

Study after study shows that the most credible and actionable form of advertising comes from people we know and trust.

92% of global respondents say they trust the recommendations of friends and family greater than any other form of advertising. More importantly, eight out of 10 people say they act upon the recommendations that they receive.

"The Nielsen Trust in Advertising Survey

Surprisingly, little has been done in online and mobile media to successfully master the power of personal recommendations. Social Media creates awareness but struggles to convert "likes" to purchases. Ratings and review sites have been discredited due to paid and unreliable sources. Search is dominated by paid "optimization" that guides search results to the highest bidder.

What if there was a mobile-first digital platform that harnessed the power of trusted recommendations to simplify search, and to generate new income for businesses, users and charities?


Welcome to CrossConnect

CrossConnect creates a win-win-win ecosystem wherein businesses and charities leverage their natural resources; (customers, donors, employees, volunteers, vendors, and friends), to favor and endorse them, to their respective network.

CrossConnect moves beyond social sharing and voyeurism, allowing users to easily find and instantly connect with businesses, services and charities by conducting a social search of their personalized network to see who they trust and endorse. CrossConnect redefines how consumers make buying decisions by harnessing the power of trusted advocacy.

No more sorting through old posts, sifting through paid search, digging around to find contact information or questioning the validity of a rating or review. Users find what they want and need through people they trust. Additionally, users can proactively share trusted businesses, services and charities with others in their network through a seamless digital push.

For Businesses subscribers and charities alike, CrossConnect provides a powerful new advertising channel and customer relationship management platform, that converts loyal customers and supporters into a powerful sales and marketing force.

First businesses activate social users, then CrossConnect rewards each social user for converting anyone in their respective network into a new customer. The transaction is digitally seamless, private and secure.

The social user who creates a converted business recommendation, receives an automated notice of their cash reward. CrossConnect then invites the user to donate some or all their reward to registered charities instantaneously through our proprietary one-touch feature on their mobile device.

Central to our mission at CrossConnect is to do well by doing good. That is why registered charities receive 100% of donations, no strings, no fees.

Charities can sign up for the service and receive the same marketing and relationship management services as business subscribers in addition to being on the one-touch giving program. It is in the charity’s’ best interest to register and invite their network of support to download CrossConnect to amplifying the charity’s message for good.

CrossConnect’s unique digital platform creates a virtuous cycle of good for businesses, users and charities by reimagining internet connectivity through trusted advocacy, allowing users to conduct and convert social search into social commerce, and a force for good.