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Traditional marketing and advertising are stagnating.

How optimal is your strategy when
everyone is doing the same thing?

In today's social media-infused environment, traditional marketing and sales not only don't work, but they also don't make sense.

Pay Per Click

Clicks don't guarantee conversions. The right key words can be expensive in addition to monthly management fees.


SEO doesn’t guarantee results, and there's no way to verify what’s really being done for you. Content marketing is time-consuming and costly.

Print Marketing

How many flyers, postcards, and door hangers do you throw out per week? So does everyone else. Design, postage and offer drives ROI down.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are great for branding, but they struggle to convert impressions into customers. Ads get lost in the jam-packed feed.


Commercials require long campaigns, a substantial budget, costly content creation, and a trial and error approach. But, there's no guarantee they will work.

Coupon Advertising

A majority of coupons target repeat business, reach a small market segment and the discounted offers result in lower margins.

Why won’t the above channels offer you a 100% guarantee?

CrossConnect Will!

Differentiate fast, grow faster, and instantly outpace competitors with CrossConnect.


How it works

The smartest and fastest way for new customers to find what they want or need (in other words, YOU) endorsed by the people they trust most.

Utilizing a peer-to-peer network integrated with our proprietary transformative search CrossConnect has cracked the code and figured out how to transform social search into social commerce.

No more sorting through old posts, sifting through paid searches, digging around to find contact information, or questioning the validity of a rating or review. Users find what they want and need through people they trust, saving both time and money.

Approximately 2.6 million brand conversations take place daily. This translates into over 80 million conversations per month and close to 1 billion annually. We figured out how to convert these conversations into transactions by utilizing each businesses most powerful natural resource. CROSSCONNECT IS LEAD GENERATION AT ITS FINEST.


Your brand defined by world-class talent, at no cost for our early adopters.


Plug into the CrossConnect Ecosystem, and gain access to peer-to-peer networks without investing millions.


80 plus percent of our leads convert into sales. Where else can you find an 84% conversion rate?


Game Changing Lead Generation Tech

Your Business + CrossConnect = More Clients

Transformative Search

Unlimited direct lead connections turning social search into social commerce. Showcase your business and get found through geolocation.

Activate A Sales Force

Influencer marketing on steroids. Reach an unlimited audience with a peer-to-peer network selling your service 24/7/365.

Social Seeding

Unlimited direct peer-to-peer shares and social postings generating new clients through 5 automated lead pipelines.


Amplify Existing Advertising

CrossConnect acts as a force multiplier. Improve ROI on existing marketing: 10X, 40X, up to 300x greater returns!

Free Ads

The bigger your network the faster your ad impressions spread virally. Unlimited brand impressions, links and 'per clicks'.

Control Reputation

Eliminate being held hostage by review sites and stop losing business because of anonyomous postings. We place the power in your hands to control your brand.

CrossConnect is changing how consumers make buying decisions.

Why Wouldn’t You Try CrossConnect?

Eliminate Stress
Peer-to-Peer Works
Proven Adoption
See It In Action

Social Seeding Works

You don’t have to spend millions. New tech levels the playing field.

Gain massive exposure

Kick Off Viral Social Sharing

Capture Warm Prospects/Leads

Built to save you time and money. Click to see our more advanced features. Start your Free 6-month Trial today.

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Doing Good by Doing Well.

Helping charities with a new source of income, CrossConnect is not just a powerful business building tool, but a force for good.

The CrossConnect platform was built on one premise. Everyone benefits: businesses, new customers, existing clients and charitable organizations.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks to my business?

There is no risk as an Early Adopter. We are extending a Zero Risk 100% Guarantee. If we don’t deliver results that exceed the cost of the program we will refund your money. With CrossConnect you have a huge Upside with no downside.

CrossConnect puts its money behind its promises.

What do I stand to gain by adopting or implementing this product?

There are so many positives: more customers, more revenue, more opportunities, save time and money... the list goes on. When you get down to it — CrossConnect will become your MVP generating a majority of your new business. This will allow you to put the rest of your monthly marketing budget into your pocket. How nice will that be?

What do I stand to lose by not going with CrossConnect?

As your competitors sign up with CrossConnect your clients will able to see who their friends use and where they go for any and every type of service. This is the peer-to-peer influence at work behind the scenes.

Why should this scare you? If your clients see the people they trust most using your competitor then the likelihood of them wanting to try that service goes up. This is where it gets really bad for you. Because we all know that a certain percentage of people will end up liking the other service more. Now your business is shrinking and not growing.

The key to CrossConnect is mobilizing your clients to create customer migrations from your competitors’, not vice versa. Get in first, anchor your business for a very affordable price, and grow! Start capturing a new market in your area with CrossConnect today.

When are you launching?

Right now we are onboarding new businesses daily. It is important for us to have content for businesses on the platform in the Neilsen top 100 Media Markets before activating. We want to ensure social users are guaranteed the highest quality user experience from the start nationwide. When we have the top 100 media markets filled we will launch the app, which has been accepted on iTunes and Google Play. We can definitively state that it will be very soon.

Can't find suitable answer?

Ask our support team

Any questions left?

People Before Profit.

CrossConnect has partnered with many charitable organizations including Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, one of our featured partners.

Central to our mission at CrossConnect is to do good. That is why registered charities like Children's Miracle Network Hospitals receive 100% of donations from social users, no strings, no fees.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals has…


Children’s Hospitals


Corporate Partners




Individuals Involved

Right now there’s a Children's Miracle Network Hospital working to save the lives of kids in your community.

In fact, 62 children enter a Children's Miracle Network Hospital every minute. That's 1 child every second. Some are battling cancer. Some are suffering from a traumatic injury. Others require constant care because they were born to early, or with a genetic disease.

Regardless of why they are there, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals are there to help them.

charity partner

As a corporate partner raising mission critical funds, CrossConnect is part of a vast network of compassionate organizations and individuals making a positive impact in the lives of sick and injured children.

What our customers say

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Stop guessing when it comes to growing your business.