The #BEAHERO Challenge

How it works:

We’re launching our new platform in 2021, and to celebrate, we're sponsoring a bi-weekly photo contest for our supporters! Post your best and most creative photos wearing our Logo Tee, and tag them with @crossconnectlive and #beahero to enter. The team @crossconnectlive will handle the judging.

Help us brand, expand, and go viral. As part of the #BEAHERO Challenge, Ambassadors are on a VIP list and receive exciting gifts, fun prizes, updates and much more over the next 18-months. Launch is right around the corner — let's GO LIVE! See FAQ for campaign details.

How to participate:

  •  Get your very own #BEAHEROTee HERE!
  •  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram & never miss an update!
  •   Snap a photo with @crossconnectlive and #beaherotee