About Us


We know you.... because we are you! We are a group of owners, operators, and professionals who understand and have dealt with the same challenges and frustrations that you face daily running your business — while struggling to find the time and money to grow it. In addition, we’ve assembled a group of world-class talent that has worked with Microsoft, Amazon, Nike, Intel, and Adidas — to bring CrossConnect to life!!!


To build a mobile-first platform that delivers real, practical solutions, that work. From the beginning, we set out to start a revolution by building something that would BENEFIT EVERYONE: BUSINESS OWNERS, CONSUMERS, SOCIAL USERS, and CHARITIES — transforming social search into social commerce.


CrossConnect is using this powerful platform as a force for good and not ... just profit. Don't get caught on the wrong side of DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY ... you have the chance to be at the forefront of this revolution. Help us shift BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in ad revenues away from the monopolistic tech titans; putting money back into the pockets of consumers, helping good businesses grow while benefiting your local community and causes that you care about.

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