Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks to my business?

There is no risk as an Early Adopter. We are extending a Zero Risk 100% Guarantee. If we don’t deliver results that exceed the cost of the program we will refund your money. With CrossConnect you have a huge Upside with no downside.

CrossConnect puts its money behind its promises.

What do I stand to gain by adopting or implementing this product?

There are so many positives: more customers, more revenue, more opportunities, save time and money... the list goes on. When you get down to it — CrossConnect will become your MVP generating a majority of your new business. This will allow you to put the rest of your monthly marketing budget into your pocket. How nice would that be?

What do I stand to lose by not going with CrossConnect?

As your competitors sign up – all your clients are able to see where their friends go, as well as other people they see all the time from the area, for the same service. This is the peer-to-peer influence at work behind the scenes. Why this should scare you: if your clients see specific people using your competitor then the likelihood of them wanting to try that service goes up. This is where it gets really bad for you: because we all know that a certain percentage of people will end up possibly liking the other service better. Now your business is shrinking and not growing.

The key is to mobilize your clients and cause migrations from your competitors’, not vice versa. Get in first, anchor your business for a very affordable price and grow. Start capturing the new market coming into the area with CrossConnect.

When are you going live?

Right now we are onbaording new businesses daily. When we have the top 100 media markets filled we will launch the app, which has been accepted on iTunes and Google Play.

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