we are

showcasing your business to the world.

trust matters.

built to inspire

it works for everyone

CrossConnect is every business
owner’s wish realized.

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Does the work for you. No major time commitment. No designing... No account management.

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pay for performance

Stop paying for leads or bids. Eliminate competing for the same jobs with multiple companies. Pay for conversions only.

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Compounds month after month. Growing, expanding, ultimately reaching more and more people for your business.

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Defend your online reputation. Easily mobilize your number 1 natural resource into an army!

saving businesses

The two biggest lies sold to consumers & business owners about the internet.

CrossConnect’s algorithm maximizes interconnectivity, interlinking, and social search to produce a more efficient and effective way of bringing buyers and service providers together...
all based on TRUST.

saving everyone time & money.

7 powerful functions

CrossConnect makes winning easy!

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Transformative Search

UNLIMITED direct lead connections turning social search into social commerce. Showcase your business to the world.

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Magnetize Your Network

Influencer marketing on steroids. Reach an UNLIMITED audience with a peer-to-peer network attracting new customers 24/7/365.

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Social Seeding

UNLIMITED direct peer-to-peer shares and social postings generating new clients through 5 automated lead pipelines.

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Amplify Your Ads

CrossConnect acts as a force multiplier. IMPROVE ROI on existing marketing.

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Free Ads

The bigger your network the faster your ad impressions spread virally. UNLIMITED brand impressions, links and 'per clicks'

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Defend Reputation

ELIMINATE being held hostage by review sites and stop losing business because of anonymous postings. We place the power in your hands to defend your brand.

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Team up

Our extensive network of small business owners willing to partner & cross-promote to their customer base GUARANTEES more customers for you.

we deliver results.


proven trusted

Stop guessing when
it comes to growing
your business.

disruptive tech

Can make or break your business.

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The most powerful form of advertising on the planet. CrossConnect is bringing it into the 21st century. Most ad companies fear it. CrossConnect is placing a tool into the hands of every consumer to amplify and capture it’s effectiveness and power.

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We turn your customers, personal relationships, and social networks into an army attracting new customers by utilizing our unique features and benefits via our automated platform.

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Who would you choose? A company with 100s of reviews by random strangers or a company that's endorsed by 3 of your most trusted friends?

we deliver results.

now more than ever...

trust matters

Built by a world-class team of engineers, designers and business owners.

Our team set out to change the way the system works...

To create a new ecosystem that is fair and generates value for everyone involved... not just profiting Big Tech.

More than an app,
More than a platform,
More than a company.

It’s A Revolution.