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CrossConnect gives you

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It never sleeps or takes a day off.

  Businesses GAIN new clients

  Consumers save TIME & MONEY

  Endorsers EARN extra cash

  Charities GAIN a new source of funding  

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Sign up for the Ambassador of Buzz for Social Users and receive:

  • VIP Membership Your connection to personalized experiences, hard-to-get event tickets, special offers to members from businesses on the platform, access to a special VIP member-only area on the platform + more!!! Future pricing $29 monthly... included with Ambassador of Buzz program at no charge to you.
    • WIN! WIN! WIN! Status Invite everyone you know to join CrossConnect once live. If they join CrossConnect based on your invite (which the system automatically tracks) and they win ANY contest at ANY time, then YOU win too! CrossConnect will match any contest prize for your app invites FOREVER. If THEY WIN Cash, YOU WIN Cash. If THEY WIN a car... YOU Also WIN A Car. The opportunities are limitless!
      WIN! WIN! WIN! Status is only available to our Ambassadors of Buzz. Restricted to first 10,000 Ambassadors.

      Wall of Honor Support a Hero — BE A HERO. Anyone who purchases a package for a veteran-owned business, non-profit, friend or family member will:

      • BE IMMORTALIZED on our office wall and FEATURED ON OUR WEBSITE, showcasing your name, city, the business’s name, which package & type of business you gifted to.
      • One contributor and the business they supported will be SHOWCASED in our newsletter each month to our entire audience.
      • SHOUT-OUT on social media for all contributors and new businesses weekly.

More than an app,
More than a platform,
More than a company.

It’s THE Solution.

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