Together Everyone Wins

Join the Revolution

Together Everyone Wins

Join the Revolution

The Problem

In today's digital landscape, Business Owners and Consumers don't know who to trust or what to believe!

The Solution

CrossConnect is the smartest and fastest way to find what YOU want endorsed by the people YOU trust most: FRIENDS & FAMILY, redefining how YOU source, vet, and ultimately make your final buying decisions.

Who do you trust strangers or friend and family? CrosConnect is the answer trust matters. Who do you trust strangers or friend and family? CrossConnect is the answer trust matters.

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Features & Benefits
  • See What's Hot in your area & what's Trending in your Trusted Network
  • Earn cash from your Favorite Businesses by Category or by City
  • View your personal dashboard for quick access to Favorites, Places, Connections & More!
  • Track Cash Rewards, Contest Prizes & Donations
  • Control who views your info & who can connect with you
  • Find A fast & easy way to find the business cards of all your favorite places
  • Search, Enter & Win Contests from local businesses & national brands!
  • You Win/They Win Invite everyone to join CrossConnect. If they join & win any contest then YOU win that contest too! We will match any contest prize for your invites FOREVER. Only available to Ambassadors of Buzz at the $49 package.
  • Too many benefits to list, watch demo videos below for full details!

There is nothing more powerful than WORD-OF-MOUTH MARKETING and CrossConnect has created a platform that brings word-of-mouth marketing into the 21st Century.

CrossConnect CREATES WINS for everyone involved.


It's time for a CHANGE.

Most will agree, a change is needed when it comes to big data, advertising, privacy, and the ungodly profits being reaped by huge tech juggernauts.

Be A Hero

Help us shift billions of
"BIG Tech Ad Profits"
back into your pockets.

And Get Local Businesses back on track.

It's A Consensus

Businesses would rather see their loyal customers earn cash as opposed to their advertising dollars going into the pockets of BIG Tech.

Social Search

Crossconnect has a simple way of redirecting advertising dollars back into the pockets of regular people just like you... whether it's $5, $100's or even $1,000s of dollars.

Winning Formula

Finally, a process where everyone WINS! This is why people are joining every day. You can Gain Early Access & get exclusive perks.

We Make It Easy OMG! All you have to do is Search, Save & Share! Easy to make money, Easy to make a difference, Easy to help friends & family, Easy to promote businesses you love!

Here's how you can make easy money with CrossConnect. First refer and earn. Then simply invite friends to your personal community and earn while supporting great businesses. Transactions are digitally seamless, private and secure. Our payouts are in cash, Not Points, Not Coupons with No Hassles and FULL Transparency.

Here's how you can make a difference in your community with CrossConnect. People Before Profits. Your support allows us to provide free services to charities. Registered charities on CrossConnect receive 100% of donations, no strings, no fees. With our One-Touch Giving it's easy for social users to donate a portion of their reward to a cause they care about.

Here's how you help Family & Friends with CrossConnect. By simply favoriting a business you love, you're helping friends & family not only avoid hours of sifting through paid search results, questionable ratings or reviews but you are helping them MAKE BETTER DECISIONS PLUS save money.

Here's how you help businesses with CrossConnect. Search, Save, Endorse. By supporting a business you LOVE — you are opening the doors of that business to your trusted network. Ultimately, driving new customers through search, share, and trending data.

CrossConnect has Re-engineered Search as we know it — transforming social search into social commerce and a FORCE FOR GOOD.

Refer CrossConnect & Earn 30%>

Up to $524.70 per sign-up!


support local

As of January 2020 there were

30 Million Small Businesses in the U.S.A.

As of January 2020 there were 30 Million Small Businesses

in the U.S.A.

There are 30 million small businesses in the U.S.A.
There are 30 million small businesses in the U.S.A. There are 30 million small businesses in the U.S.A.

CrossConnect works for Every Business

CrossConnect works for

Every Business

From solo-preneurs, online sellers, local businesses to national companies: CrossConnect works for EVERYBODY.
A list of 26 businesses

Refer CrossConnect & Earn 30%

Earn up to $524.70 per sign-up!

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